Landscaping Services

Complement Your Yard's Natural Beauty

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A truly great landscape needs a whole lot more than just grass, flowers and trees. At Louie & Sons Excavating, we provide hardscaping installation services to complete your entire property design. Contact us today to ask about retaining walls, walkways and more in Mound City, KS.

Add hardscaping features for the best combination of style and practicality. Call us today for a price estimate on experienced landscaping services.

Why should you consider retaining walls for your property?

Do you have a sloped property that has made landscaping and drainage a challenge? A retaining wall is a vital component of your landscape for:

  • Runoff and pooling water prevention
  • More visually pleasing designs
  • Easier flowerbed and shrub planting on even ground

Take control over your property. Louie & Sons Excavating offers retaining wall and other hardscape installation services in Mound City, KS.

Upgrade the Exterior of Your Property

We offer hardscaping in Mound City, KS

When you design the look of your yard, landscaping is only part of the project. At Louie & Sons Excavating, we also offer hardscaping, including retaining walls, concrete surfaces and other brick or stone creations. One of the most popular products, the retaining wall, can transform your property.

A retaining wall can:

  • Create usable land
  • Manage water runoff
  • Provide extra seating

Take full advantage of your property. Learn more about retaining walls in Mound City, KS now.

Hardscaping offers so many possibilities

Hardscaping can also include features such as custom driveways, sidewalks, patios and rock decorative walls. All of these features can transform your yard and add a touch of class to your design. Hardscaping can look as modern or as natural as you like.

Let's get started on your yard today. Install retaining walls at your home in Mound City, KS.