Land Grading

Looking for Land Grading in Kansas City, KS?

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Louie & Sons Excavating offers commercial and residential land grading to clients in Mound City, KS. Whether you need to create a sloping garden or level land to install a city sidewalk, we're the excavation contractors to call.

You can use our land grading services for:

  • Foundation preparation: Lay your foundation on level land.
  • Landscaping: Get just the right slope for your garden.
  • Stabilization: Make loose or uneven soil safe with land grading.

We can also grade gravel and base rock. Call now to schedule a land grading appointment.

3 benefits of yard grading

Residential grading is often used before installing a driveway or a home addition in Mound City or Kansas City, KS but yard grading is another important function. You can use yard grading to improve:

  1. Irrigation: Lead water to the right places with the slope of your land.
  2. Safety: Keep your yard safe by removing sudden dips and ridges.
  3. Aesthetics: Create a gently rolling lawn.

Call our office at (816) 509-3002 to schedule yard grading services today in Mound City or Kansas City, KS.