Get Your Construction Project Off The Ground

Get Your Construction Project Off The Ground

We offer excavation services in Mound City & the Kansas City, KS Area

Excavation is an early step in most commercial and residential construction projects. Before the foundation is laid or the ground leveled, you need to excavate the earth. Louie & Sons Excavating will excavate, load and relocate dirt as part of our excavation services. Call us today to talk to a Kansas City area excavation contractor about your project.

Does your project need excavation services?

If you're still in the planning phase of your construction project, you might be wondering if you need to hire an excavation service. You need an excavator if you're:

  • Prepping for a foundation
  • Installing a pool or septic tank
  • Building a swale or retention pond

When your excavation is complete, we can also help with land grading and brush clearing in Mound City or Kansas City, KS. Call today for a free excavation quote.